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Project Gotham Racing 3 Preview

PGR3 Box Art Bizarre has bought us the PGR series, a revolutionary racing sim on the Xbox. The first 2 games where absolute gems in their time, but now a new and better installment of the game is finally coming to Microsoft’s new next-gen console; Xbox360. Anyone who has played PGR2 will tell you that this is perhaps the best racer on Xbox to date but that will all soon change, with the launch of Project Racing 3.

Once PGR2 had shipped, Bizarre immediately started on PGR3, and had the next-gen in mind for there next big racer. Probably one of PGR3’s best and newest feature is ‘Gotham-TV’. This lets racers show off in front of practically the whole world, as every LIVE user will be able to watch the races live. You will also be able to get live ticker-tape information which will tell you when your friends have broken records. You will be able to casually involve yourself with ‘Gotham-TV’, playing for fun, and competitively to climb the ranks and become the best racer in PGR3, with everyone watching you live!

As you may have wondered the ‘Kudos System’ makes a spectacular return to PGR3. Just for everyone who doesn’t know the ‘Kudos System’ gives the player rewards and points for pulling off spectacular tricks. i.e. 360 spins, powersliding, and getting up on 2 wheels will earn you a whole bunch of well earned ‘Kudos’ points. Players will also get the chance to get behind the wheel of over 80 authentic cars from manufacturers such as, Ferrari, Dodge, and Lamborghini just to name a few.

PGR3 will transport gamers to living, breathing environments. Popular locations include New York, Tokyo, and other multiple cities. Each track is brought to life and populated by literally thousands of spectators, all motion captured, which makes PGR3 a game which really has to be seen to be believed! Now gamers can customise the way they drive. They can change any aspect of the car and then show them off on LIVE, which is another lovely little feature to keep you going.

PGR3 also boasts individual recorded engine sounds, which makes the realism all the more believable. So if you have a 5.1 surround sound system then, you are going to hear everything, right down to the gear changes, and with High-Definition quality you are going to be transported into a world like no other. So, from what we have seen so far, we can really sum up what will be expected from PGR3. Let’s just hope all these features are kept in the final release on the game, and remember stay tuned to Projectgr3.com for up to date information on the game.